Structural and Steel Products, Inc. headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactures and distributes products used in the highway construction end-market, including overhead sign structures, guardrails, crash cushions, lighting poles and bridge decking.

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Crash Cushions

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Structural & Steel Products supplies a wide array of crash cushions and replacement parts. Crash cushions are normally placed in front of median barriers, parapet walls, bridge columns, and other road hazards to protect motorists in the event of an impact. Most crash cushion units are standalone, but can also be transitioned into steel or concrete rail and barriers.

We can assist you in the selection of the best unit that fits the criteria and standards allowed on your project. Many of the crash cushion units and parts are stocked at our yard allowing customers quick access to field maintenance and repair. Also, check out our truck and trailer-mounted crash cushions, to protect your workers in the field!