Structural and Steel Products, Inc. headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactures and distributes products used in the highway construction end-market, including overhead sign structures, guardrails, crash cushions, lighting poles and bridge decking.

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High Mast Poles
High Mast Poles


2010 - 2015



Stratus Products is known throughout the industry as a premier source of superior quality high mast lighting poles and are sold worldwide and throughout the United States. Manufactured to strict quality standards, our poles are sought out for federal, DOT highway and municipal roadway lighting projects. You will find our high mast poles used for schools, sports lighting & stadiums, parking lots, construction sites, airports and port authorities.

We are also your complete source for high mast lighting solutions.

  • Available with Stratus’ proprietary top-latch lowering systems
    as well as most lowering device manufacturer’s equipment
  • Designed for AASHTO standards
  • Sizes up to 175’ height
  • Customized to customers specifications
  • Galvanized or painted for superior corrosion resistance
  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Outstanding customer service


Notable Projects:

  • Panama Canal Expansion
  • Egypt Air Base
  • South Carolina State Port Authority
  • Anderson AFB, Guam
  • Wallops Island Space Port
  • Texas DOT
  • Florida DOT
  • Caltrans CCTV
  • Kansas DOT
  • Georgia DOT
Lowering Devices


Everyone understands the importance of an inch. At Structural and Steel Products we know just how important an inch can count. That’s what motivated us to design the most forgiving, user friendly, top latch lowering system on the market.  The Stratus lowering device system gives you six inches of operational leveling flexibility between the head frame and the ring platform.  The lowering device allows the fixtures to be lowered to ground level where they can be serviced without the use of aerial equipment and then safely returns the unit for operation.  Watch our video to see how you can get six inches of flexibility in a Stratus lowering device.

Combination Stratus lowering devices with a high mast pole can be used in the following applications:

  • Highways
  • Railroad yards
  • Interchanges
  • Freight yards
  • Prison yards
  • Port Authority
  • Commercial parking lots
  • Neighborhoods
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial plants
  • Toll plazas
  • Airports
  • Power plants
  • Parks and sports yards


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