Structural and Steel Products, Inc. headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactures and distributes products used in the highway construction end-market, including overhead sign structures, guardrails, crash cushions, lighting poles and bridge decking.

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Traffic & Lighting Structures

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Structural & Steel Products offers a complete line of historic and contemporary decorative traffic poles – an excellent choice for downtown redevelopment, residential neighborhoods, historic and urban areas. Our designers offer a broad range of configurations combining both traffic and lighting applications that meet exacting government standards including AASHTO Specifications.

  • Variety of fluted cross-sectional shapes from 8, 12, or 16 flutes per pole
  • Complete line of decorative pole caps, cast nut covers, channel scrolls, and cast bases
  • Configured to your specifications to improve safety and intersection appearance


We also offer a complete line of standard steel traffic poles that combine functionality with clean, simple lines.

  • Available with a standard fixed connection or with a unique adjustable clamp-on connection
  • Straight or curved mast arms with and without additional luminaire arms
  • Complete packages tailored to your needs and load requirements


Structural & Steel Products is known throughout the industry as a leading source of superior quality high mast lighting poles. Our poles are manufactured to strict standards  for federal, DOT highway and municipal roadway lighting projects. You will find our high mast poles used for schools, sports lighting & stadiums, parking lots, construction sites, airports and port authorities throughout our sales territory of Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma.

  • Designed for AASHTO standards
  • Accommodate most lowering device manufacturer’s equipment
  • Sizes up to 175’ height
  • Customized to customer’s specifications
  • Galvanized or painted for superior corrosion resistance
  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Outstanding customer service


Structural & Steel Products provides innovative roadway lighting solutions that improve the visibility and safety of our nation’s highways and roads. We understand the crucial role of roadway lighting  in the safety and security of our streets and highways.

We offer unsurpassed experience, quality and value to our customers while meeting all state and federal specifications. We offer tailored solutions to each of our customer’s unique projects and needs. Give us a call to discuss how we can put our roadway lighting expertise to work for you.


We offer custom-designed decorative lighting through our considerable selection of steel and aluminum decorative light poles and posts. From upscale retail developments to distinct historical neighborhoods we offer innovative customizations with distinctive architectural detail and function.

  • Fluted cross-section options–sharp, flat,
    or gear-tooth flutes at 8/12 or 16 per pole
  • Decorative poles, base covers, nut covers, banner arms, and other accessories
  • Custom configurations transform your ideas into substance.


Structural & Steel Products designs and manufactures reliable mounting poles for ITS (intelligent transportation systems), CCTV traffic cameras, RVSD (road vehicle sensing devices), and MVD (microwave vehicle detectors). Public safety, local, regional and national agencies look to Structural & Steel Products for custom pole structure solutions.

  • Round or multi-sided
  • Custom built to required specifications – local, state, and national


Structural & Steel Products provides an extensive line of high-performance commercial fixtures specifically for high mast poles, highway, intersection & street lighting. We have solutions for all roadway luminaire applications meeting all state and federal highways specifications and requirements including U.L wet location listed, EISA compliant, and 3G vibration testing. In addition to roadway applications, we have systems designed for construction sites, commercial parking, and residential neighborhoods.

  • Complete line of L.E.D.
  • High Mast
  • Underpass Lighting


One of the greatest challenges of tunnel and underpass lighting systems is their ability to support drivers’ visual perceptions—both day and night—from the point of entry through to the point of exit.  Structural and Steel Products offers a variety of underpass lighting fixtures for your next project.

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