Overhead Toll Gantries


Structural and Steel Products overhead toll gantries are industry leading support structures for all-electronic tolling (AET) highways. Our gantries  provide solid mounting points for the RF antennas, radar or video vehicle tracking and classifying gear and cameras – the various components of AET. This equipment needs some occasional adjustment and cleaning, sometimes swapouts, so some toll gantries such as our LBJ Freeway gantries are designed for overhead maintenance.

Our gantries also vary in their complexity too – from a single span across the road to pairs of gantries and sometimes three grouped along with longitudinal members forming a frame or pergola over the toll zone. It is usually cameras and camera angles that dictate the more complex gantry couplings – helping get the very best pictures of frontal and rear license plates.

Notable Structural & Steel Products Gantries in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Area Include:

LBJ Express

Listed by industry leaders as the most comprehensive and complex project in the country , The LBJ  Express services I-35E and I-635 in Dallas Texas. This advanced Lane System (MLS) consists of a state of the art Toll Collection System (TLS) and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

North Tarrant Express (NTE)

The North Texas Express is a 2.5 billion project that encompasses  SH121/183 and IH820 in Northeast Tarrant County, Texas.  This recently completed project upgrades to more than double the current roadway capacity to keep up with the future population growth of the DFW metroplex.

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