Stealth Telecommunications Tower, Eagan, MN


Structural and Steel Products replaced a defunct 500,000 gallon water tower in Eagan, MN with a new “stealth” telecommunications tower that is quite unique.This is also the largest concealment tower that we have ever fabricated. 

The tower will:

  • provide a free-standing communications structure with consideration for aesthetic value.
  • incorporate elements of stealth to cover occupant equipment, including antennas.
  • provide an improved level of service for area residents and businesses respective of voice, data, streaming and EMS radio coverage.

LED lighting was installed to illuminate the exterior of the stealth panels on the structure and provide a nighttime aesthetic presence. Construction utilizing galvanized steel, in lieu of painting, provides up to a 50 year life cycle specific to structural components, significantly reducing maintenance frequency as compared to the old water tower.

“The new tower will continue to meet the communication needs with a signature design allowing the tower to be custom lit,” says Russ Matthys, Director of Public Works. “The stealth bands will keep the antennae from being an eyesore, but will also provide a distinctive platform for a one-of-a-kind light show over Eagan. The idea of this longtime landmark will live on, but in a more creative manner.”

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